Who Should Join A Travel Basketball Team?

Summer travel basketball teams are designed to both further a players development and can be important later for college recruiting.

The younger teams will get an incredible experience in local travel, fundamentals of the game and becoming competitive. Players and families that have not participated in travel teams may be a little unsure of the competitive levels that are beyond their local area. However, players will finish the summer season with a much better idea of what competition looks like and will be better prepared to improve their game.

Older teams will start to take big steps toward their college recruiting, especially the 9th thru 11th grade teams, which will typically compete in the top pools of all the tournaments we compete in.

Additionally, players will leave the summer season knowing that playing for a travel team gives them the best chance to improve their game and get the most college recruiting exposure available. In fact, travel basketball will create new opportunities that may not be available with high school programs.

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