Supporting Youth Athletics


HEALTH: Kids who play sports are more likely to be fit and exercise as adults, become overweight and less likely to develop certain diseases and conditions. Sports also helps to reduce stress and depression.

MINDSET: Kids will learn life skills which they can carry through adulthood – time management, leadership and how to handle loss.

SOCIAL ISSUES: Youth athletes are less likely to begin smoking, abuse drugs or alcohol. They are more likely to develop a sense of belonging, strong self-esteem and confidence. And team sports can foster organic integration, where economic and racial differences are replaced by friendship and the collective desire to win.

ACADEMICS: Children who play sports in high school are more academically successful – more likely to graduate high school and 15% more likely to attend college.

FINANCIAL: Young people who played high school sports had a better career outlook and performed better in their jobs later in life. Athletes, who are more likely to continue to exercise, also spend on average less of their future income on health care costs.


Participation in sports activities has been on the decline for over a decade. Some contributing factors are:

  • Lack of exposure
  • Access to facilities and programs
  • Shortage of positive & knowledgeable coaches
  • Time barriers
  • Financial burdens
  • Competing sedentary activities: TV, phones, games & computers
  • Emphasis on early talent and winning vs. development


  • Facility Rentals
  • Uniforms + Equipment
  • Coaches + Mentors
  • Graphics + Website + Media
  • Admin + Programming + Scheduling
  • Staffing + Volunteers

All gifts to Sportuity, Inc and are 100% tax deductible based on the organization’s 501(c)3 charitable status. All sponsorships will directly benefit the Sportuity programs.


How Can I Help?

1. Volunteer Coaches.

Great coaches are hard to find. The perfect candidate is knowledgeable of the game as well as a positive role model. We Are Always Seeking Additional Staff Coaches For Our Travel Teams and other programs.  More Info…

2. Player Scholarships.

We have financially assisted over 45 athletes in the past five years with team scholarships. We are always taking donations to our team scholarship fund to help players who could not play otherwise. More Info…

3. Donate.

We have raised $20,000+ to date. There are many costs associated with running any sports program. If you wish to help, please contact us or Make A Donation via our secure payment account. All donations are tax deductible to Sportuity, Inc. through our 501(c)3 status.

4. Team or Event Sponsorships.

Our business partners have a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of our kids and investing in our future. We have options! We always have upcoming programs and events. See what’s next. More Info…

  • Show your commitment and continual support of your local community.
  • Demonstrate your willingness to invest in today’s youth.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to market your company’s products and/or services.